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Car accidents can be stressful, time-consuming experiences that leave you drained. If you have sustained an injury from a car accident, ensuring that you get the right compensation for your damages can be even trickier while focusing on healing. 

When you hire us as your car accident attorney, you can trust you have someone who is proficient in this field and can effectively fight on your behalf to ensure you get the right compensation while you recover and carry on with your life.

Contact us now if you need quality legal representation from an experienced attorney in Covington, St. Tammany Parish, and the wider Louisiana area.

We hope that you never find yourself in a car accident in the first place, but with accidents being a constant risk while on the road, these things do sometimes happen. 

How can you protect yourself legally and keep yourself safe if you find yourself in a car accident?

 Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Parked and Off

The adrenaline and panic of a collision can make us jump out of our vehicles without thinking, so before you step out, make sure that your vehicle is parked with the emergency brake on and with the engine switched off. This way, there is no chance of your vehicle rolling away and creating further damage and injury.

Stay Calm and Alert

If your heart is racing and you can’t concentrate, especially after an injury, take a moment to breathe deeply and center yourself. Being calm, alert, and conscientious of your surroundings means you can be mindful of what you say and remember exactly what happened when talking to the authorities.

Call 911

If you can, call 911 as soon as possible so that the police can arrive on the scene quickly and you can get medical assistance if you need it. If you cannot do so, ask the other driver or a witness to call 911 for you.

Look For Signs of Intoxication In the Other Driver

Remaining calm allows you to note any signs of intoxication in the other driver, which will be valuable in court. If they have slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, are behaving unusually, or if you can smell something unusual on them, then make a note of this and alert the authorities when they arrive. 

Don’t Ever Automatically Accept The Blame for a Collision

Law enforcement will determine who is at fault, so do not take responsibility for a collision straight away and do not accept the fault if the other driver blames you.

Take Note of All of Your Injuries

Even low levels of pain can signal something larger. Note all of your injuries so a healthcare professional can address all of your injuries after a collision, even the small ones.

Always Exchange Information with the Other Driver

One of the most important steps is exchanging information, so make sure you exchange insurance information, names, contact information, and vehicle information with the other driver. 

Take Photos

Get photos of both vehicles as well as all of the injuries that you sustained in the collision.

Get a Copy of the Police Report, Medical Records, and More

As your car accident attorney, we can speed the process up and increase your chances of compensation if you provide us with copies of the police report, medical records for any injuries, and any other parts of the paper trail relating to a collision. 

Contact Your 18-wheeler or car accident lawyer

The sooner you contact your local Covington car accident attorney, the sooner we can begin working on your behalf with all of the information you, the authorities, and the insurance companies can provide us with. In addition, because car accident insurance claims can be time-sensitive, the more time we have, the better we can defend you and give you peace of mind after a stressful ordeal.

If you have sustained severe damages to your vehicle or injuries to your body, you must get the help of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. You can contact our team right away to get in touch with the best St. Tammany Parish car accident attorneys so that you can relax knowing you have the best representation in the St. Tammany Parish area in Louisiana.

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