When my estranged wife filed false charges against me, filed for divorce, and for custody of our two young children at the same time, I was blindsided. I thought all was lost, I had been thrown in jail for no reason had almost no money saved for an attorney and lost hope that I would ever see my children again. I picked myself up, sold just about everything I owned and vowed to fight until the end. Not many attorneys would speak to me knowing how limited my funds were…, then I found Margaret through a reference from a co-worker. At our first meeting she was very understanding but she never sugar coated anything. She warned me that I was going to be fighting an up hill battle, but she believed in me. She promised me that she would do everything she could do the help. She kept her promise, she fought hard and went above and beyond what I ever expected in this nasty 2 year long custody battle. In the end, she had not only helped me clear my name of the false accusations from a bitter and spiteful, drug fueled ex wife, she had helped me gain SOLE custody of my two young children. She never stopped believing in me. I do not know where I would be if I had never met Margaret through a chance recommendation. My children and I can not thank her enough. My entire life has been changed for the better due to the grace and intelligence of this person! She is very good at her job and I will always recommend her in the future!! Thank you so much for everything you have done Margaret!!